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Steve Kim - Boilingpoint Group

Erin is an extremely talented communications professional. Her natural understanding of digital and traditional media platforms allows her to excel at creating strategic communications tools and integrated campaigns that speak to desired audiences. Her expertise in awards strategies has also given her strong insight into branding, corporate culture, social responsibility and organizational development.

Steve Kim - Boilingpoint Group -
Mairin Deery - Mairin Deery Group

Erin is a detail oriented and strategy driven writer and content creator. She works hard to ensure the voice of every client is encapsulated perfectly in her work, and that brand identity is at the forefront of every project. She is hard working and professional, and works well with clients to make sure all their needs are exceeded within every project.

Mairin Deery - Mairin Deery Group -
Kerri Buschel - WorkSafe BC

Erin’s challenge at WorkSafeBC was to establish projects from concept to actualization. This requires a high degree of organization, self-motivation, communication and research – to understand the client, end-user, history and linked projects or campaigns. Erin project managed, created work back schedules, coordinated with designers and internal partners, and created solutions for a wide variety of marketing and communications needs. It’s been my experience that Erin is a creative communicator, and a supportive colleague when the group is working towards a common goal. She brings a strong sense of self, confidence and humour to the office environment, and does not get embroiled in stress, office politics or distraction. Erin brings a sense of calm, and develops communications pieces that are innovative and fresh – trademarked by her clear, simple mastery of the English language.

Kerri Buschel - WorkSafe BC -
Kate Trgovac - LintBucket Media

Erin has a great knack for writing informative, entertaining and appropriate content for a variety of different audiences. Since we work with clients ranging from mom-networks to multi-national energy companies, this was a skill we particularly valued!

Kate Trgovac - LintBucket Media -

Who I AmHi – my name’s Erin. I’m a writer and communications specialist in Vancouver, BC. Welcome to my portfolio!

Erin Raimondo
Erin Raimondo